Director’s Message

Director’s Message

It gives me immense pride and satisfaction to say that Rao Umrao singh T.T. College is making remarkable progress with passage of time.Education is the key to create a society, which is dynamic and productive, offering opportunity and fairness to all. It is one of the most essential indications of human development, the importance of which cannot be undermined. It unlocks the treasure that lies

within all of us. In the coming times, knowledge and skills will be the keys to success.In my opinion, good, inspiring, dynamic, versatile, competent and morally sound teachers, using most effective methods and effective institutions with lofty practicable vision can transform this dream into reality. We must make sure that they are aware of, and carry out this responsibility to the best of their ability. So, role of teachers in shaping future of a nation is supreme and unquestionable.Our honourable Chairman sir Harish ji a renowned advocate and a great visionary felt the need of a college of education in this rural area. His vision of ‘education at the doors-steps of rural students’ culminated into Rao Umrao singh T.T. College. Since then this college is offering its service to this area in the best possible manner.At Rao Umrao singh T.T. College there is excellent Infrastructure, competent faculty, lush green environment for learning and all other facilities for modern education. It has made significant and unparalleled contribution to Society in terms of producing morally sound competent teachers in the field of arts, commerce science and computer to serve this nation. To face the challenges of the changing world the Rao Umrao singh T.T. College continues to make innovations in its curriculum method of teaching and evaluation in pursuit of excellence. The College ensures complete development of the body, mind and the soul while enshrining traditional Indian values in each of its students.

I would like to appreciate the contribution, support and unflinching faith of parents, old students and well-wishers without which we could not have achieved milestones in the past years. I would strive hard to live up to your expectations and repose your faith.I humbly request you all to join us in our endeavor to strive towards excellence in all spheres of life with a promise to live up to and enhance further the reputation and glory of Rao Umrao singh T.T. College.I am sure when you join this college you will become a part of this glorious tradition of growth and excellence.

Sh. Bhoop Singh Yogi

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